Yier12 Heat Not Burn Device

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Yier12 Heat Not Burn Tobacco Heating Device VS IQOS


*600°C high temperature evaporation automatic cleaning

*Two temperature control modes, small smoke and large smoke meet at the same time

*Automatically retract the cartridge, no need to push up the cap

*Double-sided ceramic heating plate, heating more fully and uniformly

*Round blade heating blade, heating more fully, no waste of cartridges

*Recessed cigarette holder, the cartridge is not easy to be taken out by the mouth

*Magnetic upper cover

*The shell is made of PPSU food grade environmental protection material

*High temperature resistant material PEEK is selected for the inner wall of the cigarette holder


Product Name: Yier12 Electronic Cigarette
Battery capacity: 1100mAh
Input voltage: 3.7v-4.2v
Charging Port: Type-C
Charging time: 0.5h
Product size: 115*25*15.5mm
Host weight: 51g

Function introduction:

Puff Count Mode Support